ohhi au soleil

11:08 PM |

all these words. explaining to myself what I already know. doing everything in my power to convince myself that better days are ahead.and to keep on waiting. waiting for something out there to call my name. that sees things the way that I do and that will give what I know a chance. so I fight to crawl my way through another day.and wait for the rain to stop falling. for the sun is bound to shine again.

All these words. like ashes. timeing . capsules of signals. the ghostly mutterings of souls in adrift

these words they stand on their own. they're not my words. I'm just borrowing them. using them for my own personal gain. trying to fit them into spaces left unfilled. my shattered existence. like a hut on the beach. but alas I can still see the stars. and they can still see me.