to an all knowing all loving god. we're Free. free to tell each other what to do. free to get on each others nerves until the last straw. to stand in each others way and never give up on what the other one wants. to wait too long and show up too late. its all there. for you to see. for you to know and critique. does it matter? only if it matters to you. is it anything. what's everything to somebody can be nothing to someone else. it's everything and it's nothing. its all within your grasp. you just have to be willing to look. look at the world that you created. where nothing is real except want. no true goal. just tactics. maneuvers. agendas. plots. to take one from another. and without you even as our reason is just to figure out what our reason IS. to guess on the unknown. even then our only recourse is death. so they tell us we'll all find out when we're die. even though most evidence shows that dead people don't think. but even if we were to be lectured by god about the reason why we're all here to be doing what we're doing. we're already doing it. so what would be the purpose in even having a god if the reason why he created us was for us to be doing what we're doing anyways? god is a mockery of the conquest of man. but still the sun sets down on myths and fairy tales. our daydreams sheltering us from that meaningless sky.