ohhi time saver

1:54 PM |

Selby was right. I feel like I've wasted my entire life and I want to redo the entire thing. what have I done? nothing of any real importance. It was important to me at the time. but now all I have is time. no time to spare. no time like the present. a penny saved is a penny earned. all that jazz. lots of advice in the advice column. all from distinguished failures. I have some advice for you. don't waste your time thinking about it too much. If you're on a cliff and people are telling you to jump then you should jump. How is it that the dog is smarter then their masters? the dog knows what he wants. the dog knows how to sink his teeth into whatever it is thats got him by the nose. the dog knows why he wants it too. all this about how the human imagination beats all. the human imagination is a big waste of time. All these telescopes. magnifying glasses. molecules. atoms. what does any of it mean? just like pages in the bible. its imaginary. just because you name something doesn't mean you understand it. in fact its usually the opposite.. its usually the things we dont have to name that make the most sense. common sense. obvious and shit like that. who cares? I mean really? who Really cares? at the end of the day. its all talk. its all meaningless. so take what you can get. dont ask too many questions. you'll fool yourself into thinking that there's more there there then is actually there. Jump already. hit the gas. drink up. Fight back! own your place in the world. own it with all your might. own it with everything you got. because it IS everything you've got. and that's All you got. and thats all you're ever gonna have. all you're ever gonna get. all you're ever gonna know , see and taste with your own eyes. who cares? not I says the moth. not I says the alligator. not I says the armidillo whos just trying to cross the street. how may times must the question be asked before we all realize that there IS no Answer. the question IS the answer. to be able to even question anything in the first place is a miracle. so why don't we ask? who do we ask? and for what reason do we ask? does any of this really matter? only if it matters to you. no one else. no one else has a clue. but we do. we know something. or else this poem is meaningless. or else this whole god damned world is meaningless. if this poem is meaningless then LIFE is meaningless.