oh to be one of the greats. great what? who knows. great somethings. something memorable. I know that much at least. it's those that are remembered that were great. sure. they can make statues out of me. dedicate a school, a playground. put my face on the cover. smiling. beeming with pride. from ear to ear. why? because I'm great. and they all know that I'm great. and being great is great all unto itself. what a joke.

no one takes the time to recognize greatness now though. so how can there really be anything great if it's just gonna vanish just as quick as it came?

the string theory. time and space. splitting the atom. well we made some nuclear bombs. we've at least accomplished that much. we can destroy ourselves at the blink of an eye. pull the trigger. start the count down. a Blaze of glory. all gone in one shebang. we figured out at least that much. we figured out how to tempt fate. we figured out how to challenge our maker. God says he knows when the rapture will come. oh yea. well We say the rapture comes when We say it does. fuck you god. we aint got time to wait around on your lazy ass. we'll bring the whole house of cards down on ourselves and we'll do it all in the name of PROGRESS. We were the FIRST and the LAST. the only ones that really mattered because we took the world by storm and didn't leave any crumbs behind. not even the tiniest amount of scraps for the left over cockroaches that followed.

her poems are so much better then mine. where is she.