ohhi chivalry

9:32 PM |

ya know sometimes the best poems never make it out of my head. they just kind of swim around in my head. like music I've never heard. Like a lake I've never seen. that's what poems are. they're mental pictures. they're moments frozen in time but only in your mind. they don't exist anywhere else. they just sit there in your mind like a rock in a stream. the collect dust over time but when you first take a glance at what it was. you know that you're alive. you know that there's a purpose. you know that there's a reason you put up with all the crap that you've put up with for as long as you have. all the lies. the betrayals. the misgivings. the time wasted. the emotions spent.

but then you get to see something worth seeing. and all of sudden you're Glad you suffered. you're glad you know how fucking miserable it can get. you're glad you hit rock bottom face first. and you're most glad that you had the fortitude to carry on.