ohhi hey chief

9:07 PM |

I could drink wine and write poems for a thousand thousand years. it still wouldn't be long enough and they still wouldn't be good enough. I could write a poem for every person I've ever met and every person I ever will meet. a song for the world. and of course they would be quick to tell me that it's not good enough but never the less it would still be their poem because I deemed it such. put a nickel in the juke box. some one play a song on the piano. don't let the air stand still. it's got a timer ya know. it's all about to blow. how much time till you're done waiting and it's all anew. how many times before you learn not to do it or learn how better To do it? how many times before you figure out which way is up and which way is down.

whos keeping score? someone ought to.