ohhi flint

1:42 PM |

you made me feel loved just one last time. and it was the most special love of them all. chapter and verse. note for note. no other woman ever made me feel more at peace. and even though you went just as soon as you came, it still would have been enough to sustain me for a thousand years. A million poems wouldn't be enough. a million songs. all dedicated to you. the beauty in the stroke of my pen. its finesse. its glory. all stemming from your pocket. All of it being yours to keep. yours to own for eternity. you were born with a magic touch. your eyes shimmer. your foot steps soft as snow. the crisp autumn breeze. the fawning of your light. the brightest of stars. serenity. truth. divinity. you are the glory and the light. they made up gods just to try and comprehend your mystique. your transcendental carriage. the ever lasting inspiration. the worlds only hope. yes. a little bit of love can go a long way.