gang stalking

2:22 PM

this is a quick tutorial showing how youtube can easily be forced to bend to the will of the users at any given time and for any reason deemed necessary by the users. thus reclaiming youtube as free domain and reestablishing it as a free video sharing network site for all to enjoy.

step one) form a gang. you need at least 5 people to be effective.

step two) agree to a name. it doesn't matter what the name is. just as long as everyone agrees to use it. the better the name though the more noticeable your tag will be.

step three) tag. set up a time and date for a live meeting using a third party chat device to communicate from. have your party sign up for accounts on youtube using seemingly identical names. for example the first person would be "gangmember1" then the next person signs up as "gangmember2" followed by "gangmember3" and so on and so forth. anonymity and numbers are two of the greatest assets for any army. ours are no different.

have a vote on what to tag. and then launch an assault. comments are youtubes Achilles heel. you can take over any youtube users comment board on all of youtube as a gang. you can shut down entire channels. its all just a matter of will and organization.

the great thing about this is there's nothing youtube can do about it. beyond getting rid of comments entirely.

so if you want to get youtubes attention. form a gang. and tag the shit out of every thing and anything that youtube is promoting. anything that they're pushing to the top of the pile. be it shanesawson, sxephill, fred, the amazing atheist, and flood their videos and their channels with comments. leave a mess behind. the bigger the party the bigger the mess.

happy gang stalking.