spend some time somewhere new
if thats alright alright with you
I did my time, my time is through
spend some time, alone with you

taking my time, do it one by one
with my bible and my gun

break my thoughts, break them in two
its alright, its over due
everyone ones gone everythings changed
ace of spaids, keep up the pace

they tied your neck and then cut you loose
whats a girl like you supposed to do

I did your best to show them how
spread some fear, do it now

marking the days each of them one by one
with my bible and my gun

you're wrecking my train of thought
look at all the things I've got
lets talk about something new
monkey see monkey do

so here we are , where are you
see them come for their dues
thats alright thats on you
up all night , with the stars
dream of you, and where you are

I'll just wait till you're gone

seperate my thoughts from what I think is real
tell me how to live and how to feel
make it all come true