the common man knows all sees all. but cares for nothing. has it all in the palm of his hand. feels it in his clutches. yet lets it fall through his fingers like sand. the common man. he sits comfortably in is F-15 fighter jet. He relaxes and gets used to it. dropping those home made bombs for all to enjoy. saving the world. one bomb at a time. insuring peace and stability for the few that survive. the common man. knows nothing hears nothing. speaks nothing. thinks nothing. he is nothing. but there he sits. drinking his cheap beer and watching his porn. staring it all in the face with wide open eyes and a trickle of drool on his cheek. nose hairs and finger nails. zits and wrinkles. the common man. its not his fault that its not his fault. whos to blame. you can pass blame for as far as the eye can see. you're still stuck with what you are. the common man. has nothing wants nothing. the common man. if its too expensive then there's not enough. the common man. waits in line with the rest of you. he looks at his watch. he can tell time. but time hasn't taught him anything. the common man. he thinks he's better then you. in fact he Knows he's better then you. and he has ways in which he can prove. methods of domination that he has crafted for years upon years. he'll never give up an inch. the common man. he has his share and he aint sharing. the common man. owns too much and owes too little. the common man. knows not wants not. the common man. a myriad of reflections passed on for eons. the traditional delusions that we all know work. and work well. the common man. thinks he knows god and that god knows him. the common man. thinks little but knows all. everything is at the flick of a switch. the lights, the ice cream, the people, the songs, the money. it's all there waiting for you. before the sun even begins to rise. the common man. they built it all for you. the pyramids. the eiffel tower. stonehenge. france, rome italy, spain. all for you. so you could point with your finger and laugh. while you sit on the back of your beat up pick up truck with pictures of an assortment of red white and blue stripes that represent your gang in all its glory.

the common man. with only moments to live. he still chooses to sleep.