ohhi zinnophobic

11:48 AM |

he sits comfortably in his f-15 fighter jet. he listens to one of his favorite songs in his helmet as he hits the button between his legs to drop those tanks filled with explosive nuclear waste. on who you might ask? He don't know? he's just doing his job. that button between his legs might as well be the on/off button to the remote. and he might as well be at home sitting on the couch. he doesn't know and he doesn't care. neither of them do. none of them do. it's all the same. can't teach an old dog new tricks. to hell with improvisation. let's just be natural. why try to accomplish anything on our own when we've got our whole lives planned out for us. Why waste our time thinking about new things. different things. better things? when all we have to do is follow the leader and everything will go smoothly according to plan. why wait. why bother. why try? why do anything besides sit and watch. like walking in pre made foot prints in the snow. a trail of bread crumbs leading the way. all we have to do is keep our eye on the guy in front of us and everything will be just fine. until the day we die.

So drop them bombs pilot. follow your orders. you know whatever the consequences that you will always have a clean conscience because you were just following orders. it's not your fault however many men die at the push of a button. Your button. your feet you hands on the steering wheel. your head in the helmet. you were just doing your job.