the common man. walking the streets. he can see their faces. al of them cold mean and bitter. a thousand of them walking together but yet all of them feeling completely alone. one sits and stares into his memories while another stands and looks at his watch. one skips while another one hobbles. one laughs while the other mourns and weeps. cry it out baby. it'll be ok. things get better over time. the common man. he's in a hurry. he's got things to do people to see things to look after. he's got no time for you. the common man. he's here alright and he's got his finger on the button.

"Just say when." he says. he'll kill us all in the blink of an eye. he'll destroy the entire planet and say it was for the betterment of mankind. ah yes the common man. here to do Gods will. here to perform Miracles and deliver gifts to the less fortunate. as if they deserved such generosity. the common man. the great provider. keeping time. breaking records. keeping it all in place. making sure everything is how it's supposed to be. but you'll never please him. you'll never be good enough. because you're not him. he is perfect. and he knows it. the common man shaves with pride. he dances when he gets out of the shower. he's weightless. he's care free. Day in and day out with an impervious stride. no where. nothing. its all a game. and he's winning. the common man. he's got it made.