ohhi pretty boys

12:59 PM |

ah the pretty boys.all with good senses of humor standing light on their feet. with nothing but blue skies and good times ahead. no beginning no end. just smiles and laughter and happiness all around. if that's what you want baby then by all means go out and get it.

but you won't find that here. My soul is filled with anguish and contempt. that gives me Strife and conviction. every fight has made me stronger and now I'm too tough to let the world crush me any longer. it squeezes and I smile. because now it feels like a warm embrace. hold me in your fear. hold me in your hostility. your cut throat dime a dozen world that cares for nothing and walks blindly into the sun. Cuz I've got the moon baby. I've got darkness. I've got the secrets that no one wants to keep. the kind of secrets that bring on a lifetime of shame and dismemberment. and I tell the world! I tell all of them everything they never want to hear and I laugh because they know it's true. they all know that every single word of it is nothing But the truth. so help me god.

so yea. those pretty boys? they can have all you pretty girls. I have no need for pretty. I need beauty.