the night howls. the night time. when everything is done. when everything is finished and ready to be dissolved. ruined. wasted. collected and spent. a new day awaits. the ever impending illumination of time. time watching your every step. the days are endless. they go unnoticed. they go uncelebrated. but its just another day. D day. martin luther king day. thanksgiving. every day. every moment of every second. its all the same. but she waits for no one. she has no use for time. she just sits there in her own shadow. unmovable. all knowing while completely mindless. she's taken hits that would devistate us for eternity. yet still she sits. resting as always. a god in her own right. a god for us to cherish. for us to know. for us to aknowledge. a god to tell us that there is no point. a big bright circle in the sky that means nothing.