this world is so uptight. everyone wants everything to be perfect but yet none of us are. we all want the world to be perfect for us. yet what we consider perfect is someoe else's nightmare. so we push and tug and punch and kick our way through life. not stopping for anyone or anything. unless it's something we want. at which we immediately grab it and stuff it under our coats. looking around to make sure no one saw you achieve. steal everything you can find. even if they're giving it away for free. steal more then your share. that's what everyone else is doing. so if you can't find it in yourself to be a thief then you're going to get ramshackled. you're going to get your ass handed to you. you'll get trampled on and left for dead. under neath the raging pile of people. all stomping on your face and cracking your ribs. that's what you get for trying to do right in this world. so Do All the Wrong that you can get away with. slit their throats till their heads hang by the bone. leave them there for the cops to find and clean up later. you've got a plane to catch. how many of them do you think you could kill and get away with killing? all of them at once? that's how the government sees things. why kill one at a time when you can just Nuke a whole country? why wait for more of them to pop up. and make sure you always do it in the name of freedom. that way people won't mind so much.