cold hearted monsters roam the streets. they snarl they weep. they bite at the air. they moan. they cry out into the moon light. they masturbate at every given chance. they roll around on the pavement as if no one is watching. as if they're all alone on a planet filled with ghosts. the sun rises and sets without meaning. the moon fully lit brings out their animal. that animal thats always there. waiting for a fight. waiting for a reason to knock someones teeth out. waiting for the right time to just fully inflict pain on someone else. to share their pain with a deserving unit.

they own these streets. thouhg you'd never know it. they beg for whats right there. they crawl and pray to a god thats not listening. every day. every second. nothing but anguish and nightmares that never end. the trees even mock them. the birds peck at their faces while they try to sleep. they sleep like the dead. you wouldn't know if they were alive if not for the drool dripping out of their gaping mouths. the world is empty to them. it has nothing to offer but insults and degrading insinuations that come from up high. silhouettes that step over them with ease. even to witness their existence is an unpleasantry most would prefer havig lived their entire lives without ever having had the misfortune of seeing such an atrocity. where in the world will you go? who will take you? now that you're nothing more then a shell of remains of what used to be a life.

can you see why they hate you? can you see why they wish you were dead? can you understand why they hold nothing but contempt for you? you drain on the world like vampire. you chew on the sidewalk. you eat dirt. they're all against you. and they always will be until you finally die a meaningless death.