ohhi perfection

6:59 PM |

oh you are beautiful. like a rose when it just begins to bloom. how I live in wonderment of how nice it must be for you. to be everyone's desire. to walk down the street greeted by nothing but the warmest of smiles. no matter what you say or how you act you're still charming. you can scowl. you can scream but you're still beautiful. you're still everything every body wants. you have it all and you didn't even have to try. you're gifted. you're magic. you're perfect. you are a queen and the world is your castle. if you slipped some one would catch you. if you cried someone would die to hold you. if you smile the world smiles with you. nothing can do you harm. the moment is yours to keep and do with what you may. your wish is the worlds command. every where you look they try to imitate you. but they don't even come close. and whats most dangerous about you is your wit. your sharp tongue letting everyone know that you know that you're the best. you know you can do whatever you want and get away with it because what one man won't tolerate a Million men will. a Million men. every where at once. waiting for your kiss. waiting to hear you say those undying words. those words that most go their entire lives without ever hearing come in their direction. and if it does come in their direction it's usually a lie or its to the person standing next to them. people chase and beg for what you have to show. people sell their souls. mutilate their bodies. give away fortunes. commit suicide. and you laugh. not in spite. but just in jest. cuz you didn't ask to be the most beautiful woman that ever walked the Earth. that's just the way it went. you got lucky. but you don't even care. and that makes you even more beautiful. you carry this beauty in a vase sculpted with grace. as if god himself made the decision to finally give the world the most perfect woman. to give the world a treasure it never rightfully deserved. to let the world have a glimpse at what perfection looks like when left unscathed.