He had just gotten out of jail. something about some parking tickets i another county. even though he'd already served his time there. here he had more time to serve. While in jail he had recieved the royal treatment. they told him he had high blood pressure to which he reminded them "yea I'm in jail." every night it was monologue night where one by one crooks would tell their tales of thievery and cheap thrills. an asian fellow explained "I just have to steal. I see something I want I just take it" a black guy out numbered feeling the squeeze gave his speech on black empowerment and the history of man thorugh the eyes of a black man.

but finally he was set loose into the world again. off to unknowingly break more of their rules. off to watch his step. only to follow his own foot steps into more unwittingly trouble.

He called me on the phone "man I'm so proud. I pissed myself. in my only pair of pants. you know what that means!"

"I've got my very own bush!" he proudly explained.

I could hear a ruckus going on in the back ground.

"whats all that noize?" I asked
"oh man. I stumbled on this Michael Jackson tribute workout seminar. all these girls dressed like zombies. they're teaching people 'Thriller' "

suddenly the noize in the background started to make sense. though it was very senseless. why in the world do people do these kinds of things.

a few days later I heard from him again. telling me that he and a friend of his were walking the streets and came across a huge pile of costumes that had been thrown out on the street alog with a sign that said "FREE STUFF" bumble bees, angels wings, plastic fireman hats, and presidents faces. they quickly bunched up all they could carry with their hands and took them to their living space. when he called he was drunk and wearing the bumble bee costume wandering the streets aimlessly. he had found a Twenty dollar bill laying on the ground. Good luck. but he quickly turned it into bad behavior the moment it reached his pocket. I sat listening on the phone with a jealousy I hadn't felt in ages. there was life! life in abundance. an unstoppable unpenatrable force that no one could do anything about. and there I layed in my bed feeling defeated and demoralized over what? who knows. a girl. my drug habits. myself perception keeping me chained up in my room where no one could remind me of what a hopeless reality I had to share. I sat there listening to him go on and on with a pride I've never known. Here I had everything you're supposed to want. a roof over my head. some food in my stomach. some drugs in my brain. and there he was with nothing. but with everything I need.