ohhi hairy apes

12:06 AM |

its all a fucking fairy tale. down to the last crumb. like the bodies fighting for air as they get the gas piling on top of each other reaching for the sky in one last ditch effort to survive. we sit there for eternity. one foot in front of the other. stone by stone we build these walls. to connect each other to our fear. our over extended naturally bound fear that binds us all. fear of hunger, fear of disease, fear of the unknowing. we all have them yet not a single person speaks up. they just sit and wait for the next person to tell them all why. one by one by one they all just sit there staring at each other like apes in a circle wondering about the fire between them. picking their noses and scratching their ears. the big questions. the apes don't give a shit. the apes have it all figured out already. If there's one thing the ape has got all figured out it's How to be an Ape. he doesn't need any other apes to tell him how to be himself. so he scratches himself and collects his thoughts and does whatever needs to be done. He has no need for anything beyond what's within his grasp. If he can grab that tree limb he knows it's real. and that's good enough for him. He doesn't have much to think about. but he tries to think about it anyway. ah god bless that stupid hairy ass ape. that works his damndest but doesn't know why.