look at my scars baby. aren't they beautiful? I accumulated them over time. Like children. like tattoos of pain and misery. pet them with your finger tips and tell me they're not true. make them all disappear. just like Everybody else. perfect in every way. Everyone's the same in our imaginary little world. everyone is fair and the world is a wonderful place. hold me in your arms and tell me that every time they wince they're only wincing at themselves. yes I'm beautiful. as beautiful as the day I was born. I keep climbing up the endless hill. trying to see daylight. to get a glimpse of the sun. baby make me believe that we're gonna live forever. make me think that everything I wish were true. you know when a girl as beautiful as you is walking around with a guy like me it fools everyone else into thinking that there's something special about me. something mysterious because it's not on the cover. yea baby. shit without you though the vampires they eat me alive. they put me on a stick and roast me over the flames of hell. I can't help but hear their whispers. cuz I know it's all true.

but just because you're beautiful. that makes me beautiful too.