It was summer time. the lights were on. you could feel the wheels grinding. something was finally happening. and we all did our best to grab a piece for ourselves. I was sitting in the back seat. Sally and Becky sat in the front. Becky driving of course. Sally turned around and asked me "You want a hit?". they were on acid. that was what was wrong with them. I could tell something was going on but I was trying to act cool.

"Sure!" I gleefully responded.

she dug out from her purse a huge Stamp that was in a ziplock bag and tore me off a healthy dose. I quickly took to sticking it under my tongue and sucking on it. Get them juices flowing baby. bring it on.

"Lets go to Nelsons art gallery" becky offered
"Yea!" sally screamed

and away we went. All of us gliding into a collected stream of chaos. with smiles on our faces and bad deeds in our hearts.

I was walking up the tall roman like stairs when it hit me. The world started to wobble. the stairs suddenly seemed to climb for miles but yet end directly in front of me. I stood there for a moment and watched the girls frolicking their way to the top. we got inside and the place was packed. wall to wall with people gocking. I took a deep breath and tried my absolute best to maintain. we started mozying along the velvet rope pathway that led people through the affair. I saw a few paintings and that's when it happened.

I looked up and I saw god. standing 80 feet tall. His broken body being pulled from the cross. the fires of hell roaring behind him. the epitome of sadness and despair screaming through the wall in shades of red and blueish green. I stood there transfixed. paralyzed. unable to move. the flames were melting and jesus was lying there before me dead. His friends in dismay. propping up his useless body by his arms. ready to commit themselves to an ever lasting War of reprisal. It was all right there. the entire history of the world set there before my eyes. and it was breathing. I was in the history books. I could see jesus' dead body shown to me as clearly as the day he was killed. He was inches away. not in spirit but happening right there and then. his cold and useless body calling out to the world.

I stood there with my chin up staring into that painting watching it scream for what seemed like hours. I finally blinked and thats when it dawned on me. I'd been abandoned by my cohorts. Oh shit. all alone in this castle filled with vampires dressed like yuppies. I quickly panicked and started roaming from room to room. the entire building shattering around me into a million pieces. peoples faces turning into rubber. the sound of chatter becoming Deafening. Maybe they're up stairs.

going up the stairs I was doing everything I could to maintain my balance. I must have looked like a drunken fool to anyone who didn't know what was wrong with me. Delicately taking each step slowly and as cautiously as I could. each step getting more difficult than the last. I finally got to the top of the stairs. the rooms were darker. and the air was a little more still. through the rooms I desperately searched for my party. No person tripping this hard should be left alone in a crowd this size. where the hell were they. It was as if they'd simply vanished. this room that room. every corner I searched but they were no where to be found. I eventually just gave up and told myself I'd find them eventually and tried to just enjoy the art work. I started walking slowly through the rooms. looking at the pieces put on display. totally out of my mind but trying to make it appear to anyone else that everything was just fine. while my pupils danced like marionettes.

with my eyes glued to the floor I precariously made my way through the rooms. when all of a sudden. Coconuts! I couldn't think or hear or move or do Anything besides smell Coconuts. It was the strongest smell In the world. I was completely consumed. it stopped me completely. I stood there staring at the art piece in front of me but I couldn't see it. All I could do was stand there in a world of coconut smell. I heard voices. people were in the room talking about what was on display. but the talking had stopped. I slowly turned around and in slow motion from right to left. black people. straight from the ghetto. and they were all staring at me. the moment froze. it was just me and them. they stood there staring at me in absolute silence. all with thoughts in their heads. I stood there like a mule staring back. you could've heard a pin drop. and thats when I noticed the art work. it was african art pieces coating the room. and my white ass standing there staring back into the faces of ten black people all wondering what the hell I was doing in there. I blinked and the friction dissolved and they went back to their idle conversation that had nothing to do with anything.

I quickly left the room feeling like an idiot and the panic of the moment having brought back up what we called the "noids". not a safe place. being in public with chemicals eating away at your brain like draino. I stood there at the top of the stairs looking down. Where Were they? I hope they don't just leave me here. I thought to myself. Knowing becky and sally it Was a possibility. especially with them being as out of their minds as I was at the time.

I stood there gazing at the crowd below me. like a trove of horses. all following the velvet red pathway. a flowing stream of belligerence. all ignoring the purity of the art that surrounded them.

I finally just completely gave up. the noids were building in me and building in me until I was just about to burst. I started to sit down when out from nowhere Sally grabbed my hand. And oh my GOD did it feel good. she could tell I was an inch from madness so she kept holding my hand and dragged me back to the party like a momma cat would drag one of her lost kittens. fuck I'd waited for a moment like this for what seemed like Ages. and finally here it was. In my hand. and I wasn't about to let go. suddenly I felt not only safe. but completely in charge of everything. the world. the gallery. the people. whatever. Sally was holding my hand! the mixture of the chemicals from the acid and the natural chemicals within my brain swirling around was almost too much. Every light was turned on. every molecule of my entire being was on fire, burning a crisp blue flame. all those months of lying in bed holding her sister in my arms uncaring and unwanting for anything but the girl in the other room. a beautiful girl in nothing but a long fur coat holding me tightly and snoring in my ear unable to tear my imagination away from the half naked girl that lied in the bed just a wall away. and here I had finally staked my claim. Becky could see my ecstasy and was anything but pleased. Sally could sense my enjoyment too and was quick to giggle and spark because she could see how Easy I was for her. just the slightest notion that she could be mine and the world was a better place. She was my world. and she knew it. that's probably why she never gave in.