ok here it is people. the greatest poem ever written. the kind of poem that would make Henry Weep. this is IT. you ready? here it goes.

Where are you? am I here? are you there? What is this? How'd we get here? What's the point? Why are you doing that? can I do that? what if I can't do that? what if I'm unable to do that? whatever that is. What if I want to do something else? that's not involved with that. What if I don't want to stand in line for my bowl of shit and say I like it? Is this really as good as it gets? Is this all there is? a jumbled up mass of confusion burying itself in wave after wave after wave of meaningless Deaths. Ancient Secrets forgotten and relearned. over and over again we try. what are we trying to do? save the world? save the world from what? Our selves?

who's chasing who here? What about other planets? are they doing the same thing out there that we're doing down here? living it day in and day out. trying every possible way to ignite a thought across the world? What world? This World? Is it really called Earth? who is this Earth guy? and Why did He get to Name it? How come we don't just name it something new every new years? have a vote on who can come up with the best title for whatever IT is. something catchy like "fry daddy" or "hell". or something cheerful to make things seem more heavenly like "the planet of Roses and Berries!" and we can all salute the universe.

but we've all got our watches.and our phones. and our guns. and our wives all have flowers in the yard. I can't keep up. this poems too good. sorry. gotta go now.