the old hack charity fund yes poor i your pennies. throw them at me as hard as you can. put me up on a spinwheel and charge money for just the chance to throw pennies at me. You could even turn a profit off of me. Giving to give. ah what a lovely sentiment. where everyone gets along and no one takes more then they should and we all just by human action serve to serve each other. what a wonderful beautiful idea. until you look down at the ground and see nothing but toxic waste bubbling over. streaming between your feet from a bums dick whos pissing it down your leg.

look around you. I see no paradise. Do you? Do you look at vacant lots protected by meaningless barbwire. I get scraps from the government. like the mangy mutt that I am.
so here's the deal. i get 850 dollars from the mean old terrible evil good for nothing rape your mother eat your babies state right? well if the youtube community.. JUMBAFUND? you're in this too. you make youtube videos. I make youtube videos. we're a democracy. whether we unite or not. as a scattered herd we're as powerless as a dead duck. as a unit we can force anyone to go anywhere do anything.

notice the word WE. WE WE WEW EW EWE WE WE WEW EWE

PEOPLE. HUMANS. PLURAL. if its PLURAL then there is no ONE dictator. no ONE in control.

I want to see confederalsocialist lay down some road. theres one guys videos something "survivalist" on youtube. I bet he's made videos on how to lay roads. I dunnno I havent seen him in a while. maybe he died

I'll probably delete this too. I Dunno. I've made my presense felt. and thats always a good thing.