ohhi blue eyes

7:13 PM |

you can't see it baby but I'm beautiful. I got all the seasons and the stars in the palm of my hands. I can feel the rain and the snow and the winds and the ice and the never ending heat in july. I got it all and I'm ready. ready for whoever is willing to take it for me. Get it off of my back. The sky it taunts me with its ever impending beauty. "Life's not so bad" it tells me. "Get over yourself" I look up at it and it makes me want to scream. "yea you got it made sky. You don't have to do shit but be the sky. while all us mutants are stuck down hear crawling on our hands and knees fighting every day just to survive." curse you sky. and your beauty. My beauty is more real then yours will ever be. Because I can actually see You. You can't see shit. You're just there. just another peace of the all too simple puzzle that we all wish were more mystifying. We wish you were full of magic and dragons and comets watching over us coming to rescue us from ourselves. Take us away from this horrible madness we call life. But it's beautiful. And I can see. I can watch it turn shades. I can watch it glow in the fall. like fire balls from heaven. Down on the world. Heat filled with love. I can see it. there for it must be true.