I have the most perfect picture of her in my mind. She's standing there glowing with san francisco glistening behind her like castles in Rome. the sun is shining but not too bright. there's puffy clouds just enough to see the wind. and she's standing there with the most transcending smile you could ever pray would exist.

She was my one and only. my one true love as they say. the best there ever was and ever would be. the only thing in my life that I could ever be proud of. She loved me. she really did. and sometimes I lie awake at night wondering what shes thinking. If she has the slightest inclination that I even exist. the most perfect being. my one chance at true happiness.

For years we kept each other safe. we bonded and told the world we'd had enough. we took care of each other. her more then me of course. but man I loved watching her walk across the room. her butt was the most perfectly shaped butt that god could imagine. the most elegant yet tantalizing beauty that ever walked the Earth. her foot steps always like a cat. her eyes always looking cautious. the most wonderous and awe inspiring looks that would make anyone from any age jealous as can be.

and she was mine. for 6 long years. 6 years that went by like they were nothing yet took everything out of me and left nothing behind. the most important years of my life if I die tomorrow. I look back. I'm always looking back. because it was the greatest.