what time is it? how much time do you have left? how soon till we get there? how will we know once we're there? how will we get there? where are we going? why are we going there? why is it there and not here? whats wrong with here? where is here? why is here here? why is there there? why does it take so much time to think about these things that don't even make sense Anyways? how come I can't sleep? why do I think so much? what's there to think about? you've got problems. they've got problems. their problems are like your problems. so we're all fucking each other up. stepping on each others toes. just trying to get from a to b. like a pile of ants. a pile of good for nothing but eating the skin off of dead animals Ants. talking, thinking, fucking, and doing all we can to avoid that great big magnifying glass in the sky.