sometimes when I'm with a girl I catch myself thinking. who the hell is this tired old whore from no where that I'm sticking my dick in to? does she really even like this? or was she conditioned as a child to like it. was I conditioned as a child to like Doing it? either way no matter how much either of us like it the first time , by the third, fourth, or fifth time she'll be sick of it and be on her way out the door. just like all the rest. bye. thanks for stopping. see you around I hope. sure thing doll. don't be a stranger. say hi if we see each other in the streets. and now that I'm getting old and ugly they're even faster to leave. and even less apologetic. at least when I was young and good looking they'd come up with a good excuse as to why I'm not good enough. but Now it's just expected. like some common understanding that needs not be said. sorry pops. you and I both know your time is through. you had your fun. now share with the rest of them. but the rest of them are all younger, and faster and better looking then I am? so I Know I can't win. so then what? just give up? accept your fate? and just take on these old beat up whores that have nothing to lose and show them a good time so that they'll show you a good time? reviving your old dead youthful spirit for one last hurrah? whatever the reason it sure feels good at the time. and if you can just reach the remote. and the ashtray. without waking her. maybe she'll stay a little longer this time.