she knows what she wants. so how could she ever want me? I dont have any money. I dont drive a nice car. I dont even own a car. I dont live in a house on the hill. I dont even own a home. I have nothing to offer but my over flowing cup of remorse. I could tell her stories. stories like you wouldn't believe. But they're only interesting to me it seems. I've got 3 dollars. and some cheap tobacco. I take drugs and I curse and I fart and snore. I snore so loud it would disturb the gods. if there were any gods. I have nothing to offer anyone of any value. I just walk the streets staring into vacant lots. I can hardly get out of bed sometimes. So why would she want me? why would she waste a moment of her time on a broken down sleazeball like me? hopefully she won't. hopefully she'll keep on moving and leave me alone like the rest. the last thing I need is to fall in love. I'm just now getting over the last woman there was to trick me into having hope. It just takes time. thats all. meaningless time to get over meaningless events. like waves washing away the sand of yesterdays. always coming again to insure tomorrow won't last. is it worth your time? it doesn't seem like it. thats what I've been taught. years and years went by where I held on. I can't hold on anymore. I don't want to waste what time I have. my beat up face. my broken legs. my throbbing arms. my prescriptions. my watch. father time watching over my every step. me and time have a date. me and time don't get along too well. I wasted time before. I don't want to waste my time now. its just so useless. it serves no purpose. it has no meaning. it just keeps going all on its own. it doesn't have to say the right things or get up at a decent hour. it gets up when it wants and sleeps when it wants. it doesn't need anyone to tell it what to do. it has it's own reason. it waits for no one.