we need a good war. rally the troops in jubilee. Kill them all. don't leave a single one of them breathing. eradicate them from the earth. So that there's not even a trace. and when we're finished killing them off be sure to erase their names from the history books. as if they never existed. whoever dies killing them off will be immortalized. buried in medals. 12 gun salute. we need a war. a good war. some great cause to cheer for. an enemy to hate so we can love each other in spite. put people back to work building bombs. we'll fill them with our love. our highly flammable indignant love. and drop them one by one. letting them know that they were wrong and we were right. something to take pride in. saving the world from evil. where is our evil? put up a fight. damn you. stand up so we can knock you down. shut up and take it. take our love and swallow it whole. don't let a single drop go to waste. we'll stand united as one. One monstrous beast that won't stop until the job is done. maybe we'll leave one or two alive so they can have babies so that our babies will have someone to kill too. slaughtering wickedness for freedom. freedom to kill and kill some more. we need a war. a good war. one that can't be stopped so we can go on loving each other forever. you don't even have to be real. just as long as it looks good on tv. just as long as we feel like we're accomplishing something. even if it's meaningless it'll mean something to us. to watch you die so we can live. make room for our kind and our kind alone. the right kind. the only kind that makes sense. So bring us your war. prop up your dictators. let them give speeches. let them think they have a chance. let them build up their armies. let them sing their anthems and march in the streets. Just long enough so that when we snuff you out our lust for blood will be vindicated. so sing your songs and we'll sing ours as we train and prepare every living soul for the front lines. where we'll scream and storm your towns with guns blazing in one last heroic step towards everlasting liberty. smash their faces and stab their hearts. make them beg for a quick death. don't let up until the last man is wasted in a hail of bullets. for the glory. we don't need any reason. Just give us your war. So we can stand up with pride while we drink your blood. give us something to sacrifice for the gods. to show them that we mean business. flank them on all sides. squashing them like bugs. putting them in their place beneath us where they belong.
enlist today. so we can make them pay. make them pay and pay until there's nothing left but a cold pile of bones and rubble. We'll climb to the top of the heap and plant our flag in your chest and cheer. so give us a war general. give us a good war. so we can feel proud of what we are. a carnivorous wildebeest with nuclear weapons that sit anxiously on the shelf.

i could live forever in this perfect moment. in this perfect moment of meaninglessness. where nothing is everything and nowhere is emanate. I've got all the time in the world. this perfect moment where no one needs anything. no questions to be answered. just sitting there watching stones. forever and ever. no needs to be met. no disappointments. all the time in the world. spinning on its axles. no beckoning call. no half assed reasoning. no excuses. no consequences. no spaces to fill. wandering aimlessly in the dark.