there you were. smiling like a new born baby boy. your fat hanging out of the bottom of your dirty shirt. your eyes half open staring into the abyss. the look on your face spelling out pure nirvana. the guard was so pissed. standing there staring at your souls chamber with malicious discontent. waiting for the police to come and drag you away. but that didn't bother you. You just laid there smiling into eternity. no more worries. no more tribulations. no more having to scrounge for something to eat and somewhere to sleep. finally having found a place where no one could bother you.

the police came waving their batons laughing amongst each other as they approached you. they were so displeased with your disposition. your feet stretched out into the sidewalk. your hair greasy and unkempt. your clothes smelling of cheap liquor and cigarettes and feces. but you were free. free from their unscrupulous judgments. free from their persecution. they can't bother you anymore. My how they must loathe you. for they can't beat on you and make you wish you were dead. they can't do anything but serve you their king as they carry you away. they laughed with the guard as they stood there gazing at your flesh. the smile on your face telling them all to go to hell. I bet they wished they could bring you back to life just so they could beat on you some more. just so they could watch you die on their terms. But you beat them to it. they can't touch you. leave him be I thought to myself. He's not bothering anybody. He's just a happy corpse that wants to be left alone.