ohhi prophecy

9:28 AM |

oh lord just let me live long enough to see the bombs fall. I wanna see the world all lit up in orange. people screaming. the world running on instinct. just a moment of clarity in all this madness. they're all mad. every single one of them. I want to see the whites of their eyes. I'll sit on my porch and drink my coffee and watch it all unfold with great delight. as that wave of puke and battery acid comes thundering over me and wipes out everything in its path. gobbling it all up and then rolling it over. nothing surviving. I can't think of a more peaceful way to go. knowing that nothing will be left after I'm gone. knowing that we're all leaving together. one big happy fucked up dysfunctional family. Screaming into the wind with arms flailing. the thieves stealing one last time. The drunk taking one last drag. The meek shall inherit the earth. but only after you've destroyed it.

So bring your bombs. bring your fear. bring your bullet proof masks. bring your loved ones. bring everything you've got and forget what you don't need. It's gonna be a live one. bright and sunny. they'll play hail to the chief on the radio all across the world while we watch our final fireworks display and marvel at what humans can accomplish when they work together. marvel at what great strides we've made as a species. marvel and dance and sing about what wonderful surprises still await us once the last bomb has been dropped.