ohhi segregation

10:22 PM |

whats wrong with you? why cant you run with the pack? can you not keep up? we're all going this way. I think you'd better too. I don;t know what they're doing but it's what they're all doing so you better not show any haste. why aren't you leading them? what's wrong with you? don't you like them? don't you like having friends? you don't want enemies do you? they're all coming to get you whether you like it or not. There's no hiding or waiting it out so you best just play along. act cool. why do you always have to stick out? you think you're special? Stick with the plan. pull your weight. stand up straight. tuck your shirt in. comb your hair. brush your teeth. have yo showered today? when are you going to get up and do something with your life? aren't you sick of just sitting arounf watching the world go by? what's wrong with you?

you don't want to be with them. they're no good for you. they're a waste of time. they aren't being productive. they aren't paying their fair share. where's your loyalty? with us or with them? who are the ones that have been looking out for you after all these years? we were always there waiting for you to take notice. we always had your back. no matter what. but if you'd rather go with them that's your choice. you know the consequences. you know once you go with them you can never come back. it just wouldn't be prudent. we have our way and they have theirs. its just common sense. They're lacking any real foundation. You watch. in ten years time we'll be sitting pretty and they'll be coming to US for the answers. and we'll be able to tell them that we told them a long time ago that we were the ones that had it right. If they only would have shut up and listened then they could've had what we have. and we'll laugh at them. we'll laugh in their insignificant faces and rejoice in the fact that we proved them wrong once and for all.

So what's it gonna be man? you coming or going?