ohhi you bore me

12:20 PM |

people say there's no such thing as boring. I say Bullshit. if things weren't boring then why would the word "boring" even exist?

It IS fucking boring. it's boring as hell watching you people go back and forth back and forth. listening to you mention this thing and that thing. "Oh I haven't heard from him in about 7 months. but I've got this friend of mine living with me".."oh well thats good" her friend responds.

Who gives a shit. god. look at you all. the human race is moving like a slug. it doesn't dance. it doesn't sing. it whines. and whines. it rolls and crawls and begs with a pathetic forced smile.

It's so damn boring it's not even worth looking at. It's not worth the effort of using brain cells to acknowledge. Who says? who knows? its all for nothing. everybody looking over everybody's shoulder. nothing is ever there. rats in a maze.

laugh laugh out loud. Laugh as loud as you can. Laugh until your gut and your jaw hurt. It's hilarious how Boring they are. it's hilarious how they posture themselves readying themselves up for a pie in the face. a baseball bat in the balls. a broken tv set.

there's no magic. there's no legitimacy. there's no intimacy. there's no great resolutions. its just one blank slate. the world has writers block.

you keep talking about it like its gonna happen. So I keep waiting for it to happen.

drop the bombs. save the whales. kill the babies. nuke the moon. Give everyone a gun at birth. end world hunger legalize cannibalism. Institute World Peace by Killing everyone and anyone that disagrees! iand then have a billion perfect babies.

You keep telling me you're going to do these things. that these things exist. that these things are real. that I should close my eyes and cross my fingers and wait for it all to come to being. they even say the bible said it would happen. Even the christians are on board. So where is it? when is it? when and where? let me know. I'll buy a ticket. I'll buy two just in case I can get a date. Blow it all up. get rid of them. We're supposed to be the master species well let's act like it. Let's show everyone living thing on earth just how fucking insane we really are. Let's stop playing russian roulette with an empty gun. Let's fill the chamber! Let's insure that each and everyone of us go out with a bang!

Who's got their finger on the button now? which one of them has the balls to read the code and turn the key and watch the pretty lights on the screen notify them of the ultimate destruction they've caused giving them the satisfaction that we all crave. Let me put my finger on the button. I wouldn't hesitate to vanquish the earth of the swine that befuddle it.

nothing last forever. so why wait.