I love it when I have plenty of food. plenty of coffee. plenty of tobacco. plenty of weed. plenty of everything to get me through the day. then I wake up knowing I don't have to do anything. I don't have to go anywhere. I don't need anything. Nothings forcing me to get out of bed. I can just relax and open my eyes and heat some water and wait for my coffee to get done brewing and I can roll a cigarette and take my pills and watch the sun come up without any worries. life is easy. its only when I think about other people that I get depressed. the moment I let humanity into my state of mind the whole thing gets ruined.

but as long as I'm gently pouring my coffee and watching the seagulls and the sunrise and talking to my cat then everything's ok. If I see a car go by thats ok cuz I know they're not staying. they're not staying to ask for money, or for my soul, or for my opinion. they're going as fast as they came and I'm alright with that. I see people walking. maybe sometimes with children. I'd rather see pigeons.

I dont know why so please dont ask. I just dont like you. I've never liked you nor anyone else that acts like you. and they all act the Same. they all act as if they Know. what do they know? i guess they know something judging by the smug look on all of their faces. How can they know anything? they've never been there. they've never even heard of it. someon might have mentioned it to them or maybe they over heard some homeless guy mumbling it to himself on the street. or saw it in a hookers eyes after shes just been caught on the street by her pimp "swift" when they both know she owes him some money.

dont put anything down on credit. cuz talk is cheap.