as long as the coffee makers going I'm still alive
as long as its brewing and stinking up the place I'll get up.
get up and do what? drink more coffee i guess.
I'd just like to sit and drink my coffee and think about the past and complain without someone telling me I dont have a right to complain. or the always available -
"it could be worse"
"oh yea?"
"well how bad could it be" I say. "could we melt the iceburgs and raise the sea level and drownd all of humanity in a sea of madness?"
"could we drop a few hundred nuclear bombs on every inch of the planet?"
"could we be starving in Africa?"
"could our planet crash into another planet?"


"well ok then. lets go."

raise my cup of coffee to my lips. and smell it as it goes down. how bad could it be? how bad is it really? whats the point in thinking about it? I just want to complain. thats all. I just want to complain and for someone to know what the hell I'm complaining about. and they dont have to agree or disagree just as long as they Know. you know?