ohhi indifference

11:35 AM |

indifference by old hack

how undeserving I was of her affection
they told her what we had wasn't worth the trouble
it was all my fault
anything, everything, nothing, always forever

why waste your time on a failure
why waste your energy spending your life with a person that can't even tie his own shoes
you're better than him
he's just making you miserable
its all his fault
just leave him and everything will be fine
just forget about him
forget you ever knew him
think of all the suffering he's caused you and how much better off you'll be if you just never speak to him again
he doesn't care about you
he's just using you
he's a loser
he can't make you happy
he can't provide for you
he isn't even that attractive
do you really want to grow old with someone like "him"
he's this he's that he's a MONSTER he'll destroy you he'll make you hate yourself he's NO GOOD

he just wants someone to take care of him.
he doesn't really love you
who is he to you?
he's just a person you met and lived with for awhile
it's not important
it doesn't mean anything
you're better off
just forget about him and find someone better
its only as serious as you allow it to be
don't let him fool you
he's a liar
he's manipulative
he's a chauvinist
he's weird
he's not normal
he's not up to your standards
you shouldn't allow yourself to let him take advantage of you like that
you can always find someone better
he's pathetic
he's stupid
he's arrogant
he's obnoxious
he's an idiot
why are you wasting your precious qualities on a guy of such low character
he's not the right guy for you
he's not competent
he's dragging you down
he's Worthless
You don't need him
you can do better