anarchists assume a mind frame that is in a bubble. the bubble of free will. free will versus coercion. what anarchists fatal flaw is though is that it counters the simple fact that we don't live our lives based entirely on free will.

"We live our life based on cues"

Mike Gravel once said that and I thought about that a lot. It took me a long time to really wrap my head around it. but it's absolutely true. He's 78 I think and he said someone wrote a book about him and it took that person writing that book to make him realize after 78 years on Earth that he got his tenacity from watching his father selling apples during the great depression.

We all live our lives based on cues. That's not to say tha we're mindless creatures just bouncing around off of each other but the simple fact remains. When you're a child you watch your parents and you judge their actions. You're taking a cue from them on how to behave. Then you form your own idea of that concept but initially the idea to even begin to think about that came from an outside source.

So the outside world is in every way a part of every thing we are and do. We have the free will to think and act as we wish but from the moment we wake up till the moment we go to sleep we are watching, observing and reacting to the outside world. Even if we never leave the house. Even if we live in the mountains and never see another human being. Cuz the world is a part of our existence too.

It all seems like common sense but thats what's so strange about this anarchist movement. It's a large organized group socializing about an affair and protesting to initiate nothing. they don't want law. they don't want anything. they just dont want to have to do anything that they haven't thought of first. They want to live in a completely non-organized anti-established un-functioning no focus way.

the end doesn't justify the means. if we all live our lives based on how the rest of the world lives their lives then we should all work together to set some kind of very basic system of order.

thats how religion came to be. then that's how representative government came to be. and thats how democracy must come to be if we're to live in a functioning society.