ohhi armegeddon

5:52 PM |

for me waking up is a near death experience. "rise and shine". i see the sun and the clouds and I feel it in my bones. the suns rays peircing my eyelids. poisoning me with its beckoning call. wake up you lazy fuck. get up and do something before you can't do anything anymore. But what am I doing? what am I doing thats so significant that the world cant live without me. an Old dried up piece of rotten meat.

baste the turkey, vaccum the floor, paint the ceiling, brush your teeth.

look in the mirror. make sure you look Right. make sure it looks good
make sure you know who you are. make sure they know who they're getting.
put a good face on. let em know you dont care. let em know it doesn't matter.
I'm being everything. everyday I can. in everyway I can.

put some change in the cup. even though he's probably better off.

where's my pills. I gotta count m pills. make sure I got enough to get me through this month. gotta go to the docs soon too to check up on a few things. never know he might have actually been able to make someone answer the phone.

how many of them are their do you think? just like me?

I wonder.