amazing atheist.

stop gloating about how many subscribers you have. the only reason why you get 60,000 views on your videos is because you're Featured. nothing more. I proved this fact when I in fact forced my video to the front page and within 24 hours got 57,000 views. Simply because I was on the front page. then the very next day they changed their front page and closed the up the hole that I exploited.

The reason why they feature you is because they feel safe with you as their guardian. because thats what you are. you're their pimp and we're all your whores. You get the cheese and we fiend and pile on top of each other trying to get just a taste of what has so carelessly been offered to you and you alone.

What I'm getting at is. you've been given keys to the city. and All I've seen you try to do with that gift is try to sell a book. A book which you use fake accounts to comment on your videos to pawn off on any sucker willing to buy it. How much different can your book be then you're ramblings.

I guess what I'm really getting at is that we shouldn't just be using youtube to capitalize on ideas and statements. we should be using it to actually cause some kind of real change in the way we communicate with one another.

I slowly see you going from a kid sitting at home making videos to becoming a commercial icon. Why would you want to be affiliated with sxephill for any reason? the whole reason why youtube got to the point where they were worth 1.7 Billion dollars to google is because it was freedom. We have freedom to venture about the world freely. and we all took to it like flies to shit. It was amazing. everything was possible.

but then google came. and took that all away. now its simply a tv station. anyone who makes videos thats not "partnered" shouldn't expect any of their videos to become viral.