ohhi times up

1:46 PM |

everybody has to go where everybody's going. otherwise they wont be doing what they're supposed to be doing. don't ask questions. their aren't enough answers.
drink up.
have a few more.
what's the rush?
it's all in your head.
"put her there man".
"Did you hear the news?"
"how are you?"
"what time is it?"
"what are you up to today?"
"I had such a good time"
"whats he up to? whats she up to?"
"thats too bad"
"I'm sorry to hear that"
"did she say where she was going?"
"did she know what time it was?"

a room full of slimy ghosts were dancing. while the punks sat in the corners and judged my performance. they nodded when it was good and yelled over the speakers their critique of my abilities. I was doing my best ya know? I mean god damn. Under these circumstances it's a miracle I'm even able to get out of bed.

"where's my watch?"
"we're running out of dish detergent"
"can you pick me up some more spinach?"
"oh and don't forget to walk the dog when you get back"

fuck your dog and fuck your spinach. who's got time for shit like this? It's the end of the world and everybody knows it. but nobody gives a damn. it was like watching my father die. He couldn't put it to words so he just didn't speak. he just laid there and waited it out. when he could feel the waves of eternity brushing up against him he warmed up a little. Just enough to say good bye with a smile.

the woman is the mans god just like the man is the womans god