how ironic. crooks and liars banned me from their comments and here there are posting clips of msnbc praising activist / musicians. And isn't it ironic that msnbc is praising protest music when they do nothing but apologize for the war mongering congress and criti=size them when they try to have impeachment hearings..

Seriously though, the music of the 60s that protested the vietnam war totally rocks. like "freedom" by richie havens, "feel like I'm fixin to die" by country joe.These were great songs sung by committed individuals that really cared about what they were singing. But the crap thats out today that focuses on the war is fucking lame. the dixie chics are corporate pop stars, them saying they're against the war is a joke considering how polished their crap music is. todays rap music is lame as shit too. Where's tupac when you need him? come to think of it the only song I've heard that was even remotely interesting or relevant was that iraqi rap artist that did that video in the desert. anyways, I wrote a song about the war over a year ago and needless to say it's not one of my most popular songs. Why? cuz nobody gives a shit.