Did he go too far? apparently he went just far enough because O'reilly is having him on tonight. Just another example of Mike's impending efforts to wake up the public into realizing that representative government is inherently defective. I protest but I'm fully aware that it's meaningless for the most part. They're fun though. I'd much rather just have the right to vote on referendums to legislate justice as a common man though. Which is the most progressive agenda happening in America today.

The thing that drives me nuts is that you could watch videos on youtube about politics for the rest of your life and you'll very seldomly hear ANYONE talk about the need for a national initiative referendum ballot process coming into effect and how that's the only way we'll ever be able to do ANYTHING about the injustices we face as ordinary citizens locked into a system ran by dictators that make a living off of a courtship of bribes and back alley swindling. Not to mention the countless amount of politically motivated websites and blogs. All they're doing is providing therapy for themselves. They have no solutions though because nothing of what they want will EVER come to pass relying on crooked elected dictators to do it for us. That said, be sure to watch Mike tear Billo a new asshole tonight at 8 pm on fox news.