this clip I tossed up was posted on Ron Pauls latest money laundering scam
"the campaign for liberty dollars."

so I had to take a look at his stupid website just for the hell of it and I come across THIS a post about their glorious rally at the fucking Target Center...

god damn what a fucking joke. He's selling tickets to a rally in minneapolis for 17 bucks a pop. Like it's a rock concert. Are there really 15,000 people dumb enough to not only buy tickets but to go to see a kook from texas say the word "constitution" and "civil liberties in an amphitheater that's owned by one of the supreme outsourcing outlets in this country? the fucking target center. why doesn't he have his next rally at hyper-mart? aisle 3 next to the steroid induced milk made in China. Where he can talk about how much he hates impoverished mexicans and people on welfare to a screaming crowd of middle class white degenerate free loaders that don't give a shit about anything except their pathetic job at the factory that's soon to be outsourced by target. Ron paul the ultimate corporate whore. what the fuck is going on in this retarded ass country?

Target Center