the doctors refused my medication due to "protocol"

doctors = robotic agents of the health care industry

now because I told the doctor he was being unethical and asked him to repeat what he just said on camera he wrote "VERY RUDE" on a fax to the pharmacy and now my doctor is refusing to see me when he knows that I cant go anywhere else because all the other clinics are backed up and aren't seeing anymore patients.even though my condition is well documented and proven legitimately serious and untreatable the only recomendations they have are pain meds. and now my doctor has cut me off of them. If I had heart problems could he just cut me off of my heart pills knowing I have no other doctors to get the script from and knowing that that's the only treatment? but because it's "narcotics" he can? even though thats the only treatment?

Calliing Michael Moore? where are you dude? Ive emailed and emailed you. I really wish you would email him and notify him of this atrocity.

just thought you folks should know. all you "health care is a privilege not a right" people out there are holding a gun to my head right now. and you're about to pull the trigger.

just like how all you gas guzzling fast food wal mart shoppers out there are killing Iraqis and destroying the planet. because you have a fucking oppinion. thats all my life is worth to those fucks. a flashing thought. shrugged shoulders, a penny saved. if even that.

without my meds I am very liable to go into shock when my condition goes untreated for a day. the pain of my condition plus the withdrawls from the meds and this shitty weather is too much for my body to sustain.