emergency room

10:13 AM

i had to go to the emergency room to get a script. at 7 in the morning on sunday.

i emailed lots of people asking them to email michael moore but only half of them said theyd take the 5 minutes to email him for me. the more emails the more he will think of addressing the situation and supporting me in my struggle just to get my perscription. I mean i've been subjected to all the degrading humiliating bullshit just because I'm in pain! what kind of country is this? My condition is well documented. they have no legal grounds to deny me my treatment. let alone belittle my condition and insult me and then write on a fax "very rude". I wasn't being rude I'm just defending myself against some fascist priq with an ego problem. this is what happened.

I call my pharmacy. they fax the request to my doctor. then my doctor takes 3 days just to answer a simple fax. this happens every single month. I call the pharmacy, then they fax the requst. Then I have to call my doctor and leave a message that "i called the pharmacy they sent you the fax" then they say "well we havnt recieved it yet" so then I call the pharmacy again to tell them that they say they havnt recieved the fax yet. every month. I have to call them back and forth back and forth just to get them to do their job. now because its christmas and everythings closed its a problem because I have to get my medication filled after christmas and before new years so I had to get it filled firday. I just had to because of the holidays.

so my doctors nurse calls me and says she'll fill the script but she hasnt got the fax. so I get Regan to drive me over to the pharmacy and get the manager to garentee that the fax has been sent on camera. then we drive clear over to my doctors office to show them the tape that the manager says they sent the fax.

so i sit and wait to calmly explain the situation and that I just need my scripts filled.

Then some doctor I've nevet seen before says "you came in here and caused a scene" then I explained to him that "that was SIX MONTHS AGO and the the reason I caused a scene is because my doctor wasn't doing his job and that my specialist requested an MRI and for 6 months I waited and finally I told my doctor that if I didn't get my MRI soon that I was going to turn him into the state. and WAH la within THAT WEEK I got my MRI. I could've had cancer" then he interupts me and condescendingly says "you dont have cancer" belittling me in front of my girlfriend and making it clear that he has absolutely no respect for the condition i suffer from. So I said "well I could've had cancer considering my father just died from cancer and my grnadmother on both sides have cancer ad that every single one of my grandmas 17 brothers and sisters all died from cancer.

then he cuts me off again and throws some piece of paper down in front of me and starts lecturing me about how "I've been getting my scripts filled too early." SO I look at the paper and I try to explain to him that "well that first date that I had to get t filled early was because my father just DIED FROM CANCER and that I had to get it filld early because I would be out of town on the date that I usually get it filled" and that the last two months Ive needed to get them filled slightly early (we're talking just 2 to 3 days early nothing alarming) is because of the weather and how it effects my condition so I have to take slightly more." then he just rudely says "well you can get it filled on the 3rd" to which I go into panic mode and try to explain to him the severity of my condition and that he can't do that"

then Regan starts walking up with the camera and I grab the camera and ask him to "repeat what he just said on camera" and he says "I already said what I said" then he starts walking off and tells the nurses to call the cops!


so then regan starts dragging me out of the place before the cops can get there and as I'm leaving I yell "you people need to go back to medical school and learn ethics" and as I'm about to leave I hear these nurses start giggling. so I yelled "what the hell is so funny" and get them on tape giving me dirty looks. total fucking slime balls. There's more to this story. Ill have it posted on youtube soon enough. I'm turning them into the state. they're going to lose their medical license I swear. I'm not the kind of person that just takes being treated like shit. and for no reason. There is absolutely no reason or right for them to just deny me my medication. No right at all. and I have a witness and video evidence of them acting completely without ethics so they don't have a leg to stand on.

all of this for no reason at all. just because they have a personal prejudice of my appearance or because they don't like having to actually do anything for their patients. They'll regret treating me like this. I promise you.