so this is why I went ahead and took my camera to the doctors office that one time. just to show people that Mike wasn't lying. and I put it on youtube for everyone to see and I got comments like "You want ME to pay YOUR doctor bills!??" and I sent the link to Mike and emailed him a hundred times through a hundred different avenues and all I expected was a personal aknowledgement from him that I took him up on his challenge to not be afraid and get the word out there and alienated myself from my piers. And never heard one word from him. Not even a 'get well soon' card with a stamped signature.

but then he puts one of my youtubeings on his page?

basically told us all to stick out our necks and then fed us to the insurance lawyers, Sorta like when Bush sr. told the southern Iraqis to over throw Saddam and then didnt offer a penny to help.

asshole. just like Al Gore. taking real issues that we're all stuck with and turning it into a buck.

Then every press meeting I see Mike do he's "eat fruits and veggies." like al gore saying that greenhouse carbon monoxide global warming is all our fault too. "if we ate better then we'd be healthier" well sure thats true for a lot of fat lazy americans out there but what about us folks that have been in car accidents / or are struck with cancer. or are just born with illnesses? and the movies about the insured. it doesnt even go into how truly fucking horrifying it is in some of htese government sanctioned hospitals are and how degrading it is to have to sit in one of them and how the arabic doctor acts like an arrogant priq and how people in pain that are asking for relief are always red flagged for being potential substance abusers.

just more chicken shit typical american bullshit.

if you're in the bay area Im playing at the retox tonight.

just thought id throw this out there for those at home needing something to do.

enjoy. tax free.

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