Im soooooooooo sick of the "Ron Paul actually has a chance" chants coming from Ron Paul's parrot army. Anyone can be president. 100,000 people give a hundred dollars each to Mike Gravel and wah lah he has 10,000,000 dollars. Its not a matter of "he has a chance" its a matter of who has the best solutions. Its a matter of us being able to unite. Anarchy which is Ron Pauls thing is NOT a solution. Gravel has the same ideas as far as rewriting the tax code as Ron Paul only Gravel knows that you cant just abolish taxes without replacing them. Ron Paul is a pimp. Pimping out all these poor suckers who think that he's something new. He's just a quasi Ross Perot. Just another kook from Texas preaching the benefits of unchecked capitalism. Get on the Gravel train. Its picking up speed.

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