Today Mike Gravel has been censored by the MSM. He's anything but out of the race though. He's going to be right outside where the debate is being held. Some say it may seem desperate. Well I think it's fucking awesome. He's standing up to the Giant. Its American folk lore happening right before our eyes. It really is a shame more people aren't taking notice. A friend made fun of how "That guy really likes Mike gravel" Well actually I really love this country and that guy is the embodiment of all of our potential as a nation. You listen to him speak and you can tell He Knows. He knows whats going on in the street. He's not with them he's with US! and all this talk about "he cant win he has no chance" thats just pathetic. If you do the math 100,000 people united with their money could take Gravel to the White house. People are just chicken shit if you ask me. anyways.. It's truly a sad day for free speech but its a great day for taking swings at the man!

Mikes going to be watching the debate and telling everyone whats really going on right outside the building today. Its gonna be a riot to watch. hope you join us.

I wrote this song how Burroughs writes. I recorded random bits and sliced them up and scattered them all around.

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