the term "illegal" is meant to demoize them. Mexicans are not coming here because they want to steal from us. They've been forced up here by the evils of NAFTA as Mike said early on "We have to be aware of that". Lou Dobbs is making a career off of slandering latinos. He works for CNN which is a propaganda market. Hes not telling you the truth. Hes telling you what you want to hear. People who support Gravel are people who want to know the truth. Without any spin.

Mike has made it clear that he will repair the damage done to Mexico by NAFTA and that will make it so that Mexicans won't need to leave Mexico. As always it's a win for everyone with Mikes vision. Anyone who doesn't understand that is just too blinded by propaganda and bigotry. It's a problem yes but you can't solve it just by chasing them all off. Lincoln wanted to ship all the African Americans back to Africa as a solution to slavery. Is that plausible? or honorable?

Are we or are we not All Immigrants including the original settlers who migrated here from west Asia in the earliest days of civilization? Whats great is that we have America Now. And America is the most diverse nation in human history. And that is an amazing phenomenon.