Robert E Lee

3:07 PM

U.S. Grant was a belligerent drunken failure. And Lincoln used his belligerence to commit genocide on the South. The Rebels were outnumbered 5 to one and weren't nearly as industrialized. The South killed over 300,000 of the Yankees while the North only killed over 200,000. An without nearly the weaponry the north had. And solely due to the brilliance of The Southern American states' Generals who fought for all the southern states along side U.S. Grant who was a much lower ranked soldier they were able to show might in the face of adversity. If they wouldn't have been running out of men then there's no way Lincoln's Bush like war tactics would have persuaded the will of the South to be independent. See Licoln and Bush are alot alike except Lincoln went after Americans. And everyone thinks martial law isn't possible? Like it's just crazy conspiracy talk. It's already happened people! and the Federal Government won.

When Grant and Lee signed their peace treaty Grant showed up looking like the scruffy bum he was and Lee was decked out in his finest General attire. That too proves Grants ignorance. TO not pay duly respect for what exactly was being stated at that meeting.

If the South even had half the Union armies weapons and man power then they would've won their independence and we'd have two Americas in this country both expressing their wills and ambitions independently but with a natural companionship. Like a Parliament. Sort of what we have today with republicans and democrats but it would be more democratically controlled. It would be the south versus the north in trading and everyone knows competition breeds good craftsmanship.

General Robert E Lee is as much a hero and founding father as George Washington. He refused to declare Martial Law on his own people in Virginia. The man doesn't deserve to have a hundred thousand innocent dead souls buried in his front yard because of his willingness to stand against the Federal Government. He deserves to be cherished, not despised.